Getting married at the Leijhof:
5 reasons to get married at Hotel de Leijhof in Oisterwijk

One of the days in your life that you will cherish forever is your wedding day. The choice of the location for your dream wedding is of great importance. Still considering where this special day will take place? In this blog we give 5 reasons why you should choose Hotel de Leijhof in Oisterwijk.

 1. A romantic atmosphere with historical influences

The estate of Hotel de Leijhof exudes romance with a touch of history. Since 1874, this building has been centrally located in the heart of Oisterwijk. Over the years it has had various destinations and was eventually completely modernized into Hotel de Leijhof. With various rooms for the wedding ceremony, wedding dinner and evening party, it offers the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. The cozy and atmospheric ambiance will be palpable during your unforgettable day.

Getting married at deleijhof
wedding location Oisterwijk

2. Getting married in the Oisterwijk area

Oisterwijk, located in the heart of 'Het Groene Woud' in North Brabant, is a picturesque town steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking nature. It provides a soothing and charming environment for your wedding. In addition to the wedding day, consider spending a few days in Oisterwijk and enjoying the palpable Brabant conviviality.

3. From celebrating to staying overnight: a wedding location with countless possibilities

Hotel de Leijhof offers a unique wedding location in the Netherlands. We go further than just celebrating your wedding day; we offer a complete wedding experience. With 19 luxurious Rooms & Suites, both you and the bridal couple and your guests can relax and spend the night in beautiful rooms. As a bridal couple, you also have the opportunity to retreat and freshen up between occasions. A complete wedding location with overnight accommodation options.

spend the night at hotel de leijhof

4. Culinary indulgence

A culinary experience is indispensable on your wedding day. Gastronomic Restaurant The George, located in Hotel de Leijhof, is the ultimate place to dine extensively with your group after the toast. In collaboration with our chefs, you will put together a tailor-made menu, taking into account dietary requirements and preferences. The culinary team at Hotel de Leijhof guarantees an unforgettable dinner during your wedding.


get married and spend the night at hotel de leijhof

5. Hotel de Leijhof and wedding partners

Planning a wedding is a careful and sometimes challenging task. Hotel de Leijhof always thinks along with you. The team will guide you until the wedding day itself and, where necessary, call in help from reliable partners. From flower decorations and the wedding cake to wedding make-up and wedding photography; We ensure that your vision is realized down to the last detail.



Getting married at Hotel De Leijhof

Are you excited about getting married at Hotel de Leijhof? Plan here a no-obligation consultation with our wedding planners to discuss the options or to schedule a tour.

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